Music Review: Lil Moe 6Blocka, Night Lovell, G Herbo, Siena Liggins & Boslen

Lil Moe 6Blocka – Leave Em Stretched

Chicago’s Lil Moe 6Blocka wants all the smoke. “Leave Em Stretched” finds Moe penning trigger-happy mentions on wax. The track serves as Moe’s first single release since pairing up with Brooklyn’s very own 22Gz (“Risky”). Hardened by a tough childhood in the streets of Chicago, the video embodies the essence of Moe’s drill-inspired disposition: he’s not ducking wreck from anyone. If anything, he’s veering into more melodic territory, without downplaying his menacing claims.

Boslen – TRIP

Vancouver up-and-comer Boslen mixes melodic riffs and pour decisions to get his night started. With blurred vision for added measure, “TRIP” is like a sonic joyride through indie pop and R&B, served with a Red Bull. During a night out with friends, the genre-bending emcee slowly begins to find his comfort zone after a few drinks, which eventually leads to Boslen passing out fully clothed, the perfect way to end the night.

Night Lovell – Counting Down The List

Night Lovell is rap’s unconventional lone wolf. “Counting Down The List” follows G59 Records latest signee to a desolate warehouse to help gather his thoughts. But when the smoke clears, he remains alone, mobbing through the streets in his all-black Benz. The record is truly symbolic of Lovell’s alienated character : he’s detached by choice, not design – even if Night Lovell clones are running amok.

Siena Liggins – No Valet

Siena Liggins is giving seduction a new face. With “No Valet” the braggadocious femcee unleashes the soundtrack to those steamy backseat car conversations that feel like they last an eternity. Admittedly, the subtle “Pony” sampling serenades listeners with nostalgia but doesn’t overpower Siena’s whimsy whispers of sensual desires. This song just makes you feel sexy and quirky at the same time, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

G Herbo – Really Like That

G Herbo is back in that mode. With some assistance from Tay Keith’s bass-heavy production, “Really Like That” demonstrates G Herbo’s prowess as a gifted lyricist. He’s a natural storyteller, straddling the fence between a life of luxury and the streets. Whether he’s doing drills in plush whips or affirming cash-rich mentions in song – irregardless of which tax bracket he may fall in – Herbo will still spin, he’s really like that.

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