A.CHAL Is “Zorro” On His Latest Single

Following his Triller-backed pop-up tour over the Summer, Peruvian Hip-Pop artist A.CHAL (@AlejandroChal) swings his sonic sword on a new single “Zorro.” Influenced by a strong Latin American ballad, the song features the NYC native’s velvety voice dragging us deep into the story of darker times in his life and will live on his soon-to-be-released “Far From GAZ” project .

“This song takes me back to a time of commotion when I was driving from state to state in my black truck with tinted windows. Dealing with all that pressure, I felt like Zorro. The music was inspired by Peruvian Boleros my dad would play when I was a kid,”


Born in Lima, Peru as a descendant of the Quechua people, A.CHAL was raised between the cities of Trujillo, Peru, and Queens, New York. Because of his multiculturalism, A.CHAL developed a unique sound punctuated with a fusion of indigenous Peruvian sounds, modern trap-soul sonics, and the sounds he consumed growing up on the east coast of the U.S., where he admired icons such as DMX, TheDiplomats, Lil Wayne, and Pharrell. 

Stream “Zorro” via GAZI WORLD on your DSP of choice HERE and expect “Far From GAZ” to be released before 2021 wraps

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