Album Stream: BangGang Lonnie Bands Hard 2 Kill + video: “Glocks & Choppas”

Detroit’s hometown hero, BandGang Lonnie Bands, has been a consistent influence in his city’s distinct sound as it’s grown, playing a big role in the sound’s ascension from regional phenomenon to national mainstream. Now, he’s just dropped his anticipated album, Hard 2 Kill (H2K) today! If that wasn’t enough, Lonnie is pulling no punches as he also dropped the video to album highlight “Glocks & Choppas” ft Young Nudy. “Glock & Choppas” is an unapologetically aggressive message from two of the biggest stick enthusiasts in the rap game, sending a stern warning to all who try to go against them.

H2K is a high-intensity effort–it’s clear even from the song titles–and it shows the dogged determination of an artist who dodged death in an attempt to reach a level of success he believes he deserves. H2K is packed with the quick-witted punchlines and true-life stories that help Lonnie stand out in the D, punctuated with bravado and unconventional flows that intrigue the ear. Though the project is imbued with the new Motown sound he helped popularize with BandGang, Lonnie brings in heavy-hitters from other regions, with a feature roster that includes the likes of L.A. slick-talker OhGeesy, Memphis mainstay Big30, and burgeoning artist EST Gee.

Each song on the album has a message; from the opening song, “H2K,”(Hard 2 Kill) offering a skillfully lyrical statement about Lonnie’s superhuman resilience, to “Shoulda Got A verse From Drake,” a buzzing single. Lonnie has been a pillar in Detroit street rap since 2016, representing 6 Mile on tracks with Shoreline Mafia, Sada Baby, and more. With H2K on the way and a chip on his shoulder, Lonnie is done bubbling and ready to burst out. Don’t bet against him.

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