Album Stream: Cash Cobain “2 Slizzy 2 Sexy” (Deluxe)

After curating the sounds of NYC with his iconic production techniques and breaking out as an exemplary rapper in his own right, Cash Cobain is continuing his lightning-hot run with the release of “Just Blick It” (Remix) featuring Bizzy Banks. In early September, Cash released 2 Slizzy 2 Sexy (Deluxe)bringing along a noteworthy extra layer of finesse, charisma, and liveliness to the original tape which Pitchfork hailed as having “airy melodies over some of the year’s breeziest sample-spinning club drill beats Cash has cooked up yet”. Recently, Rolling Stone hailed Cash as a principal member of “a new generation [that] is tapping into drill’s inescapable rhythm to make some of the most fun and downright seductive music out there” and noted his “reputation as New York City’s “sample god”. On “Just Blick It” (Remix), Cash and Chow’s magnetic chemistry bleeds through the break-neck beat as they add NYC drill icon Bizzy Banks to their tried and true formula––adding a layer of grittiness and charm to the track. The video places you right in the heartbeat of NYC’s illustrious party scene with Cash, Chow, and Bizzy conducting an electric late-night get-together full of constantly circulating liquor bottles, alluring women dancing at whirlwind speeds, and the outright vibrancy that’s made them the center-point of the cities zealous music scene.

Fresh off the release of 2 Slizzy 2 Sexy (Deluxe), a co-sign from Frank Ocean who used his song “JHOLIDAY” in the new Homer Ad, a shoutout from Drake who recently featured him on OVO Sound Radio, and being featured in New York Magazine’s high-profile feature, “The Voice of Drill”––Cash Cobain had quite the summer. In 2021, Cash produced the hit “My Everything” by B-Lovee, a flip of a classic Mary J. Blidge record, and the success of the song busted the gates wide open for Bronx drill to flourish––even inspiring Cardi B to revisit her Bronx roots and participate in the trend on Kay Flock’s “Shake That”. This year, he continued stamping his influence in the Bronx drill sphere by producing Set Da Trend’s breakout single “Get Home”.

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