Album Stream: Chief Keef “4NEM”

Multi-platinum artist and producer Chief Keef has released his newest project 4NEW-his first solo project in almost 3 years. Across 15 tracks, Chief Keef exhibits the sheer talent and glowing ingenuity that’s made him the icon he is today. Keef is an artist who is constantly reinventing himself and bringing new styles to the forefront of hip-hop and now with 4NEM, that lineage continues. On cuts like “Ice Cream Man” and “Wassup”, Keef leans on his familiar relationship with autotune, exhibiting with ease the wide array of assorted sounds he can produce. On the track “Say I Ain’t Pick Yo Weak Ass Up” featuring Ballout, Keef delivers an animated verse over booming production-showing him in the pocket of drill that has his fans adore him for. 4NEM is polished, electric, and riveting inclusion in the architext of so many aspects of modern hip-hop from music videos, fashion, musical styles, and production. With the release of 4NEM, he is letting his die hard fans see exactly what direction he steers the culture next.

Along with 4NEM, keef is releasing an NFT of the project artwork-one of many slated for 2022 from Keef’s new DigiGlo venture, which merges NFTs, music, and gaming. Chief Keef is keen on providing fans an exclusive experience encompassing all his pursuits, remaining at the forefront of innovation on and off the mic. This first 4NEM NFT will grant holders success to an upcoming WEB 3.) experience, in including the ability to purchase any upcoming NFT from Keef. Further information and announcements on this can be found by visiting and signing up for the DigiGlo list, or by joining the DigiGlo Discord Server.

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