Album Stream: Drakeo The Ruler “So Cold I Do Em 2”

Drakeo The Ruler has just released his new project “So Cold I Do Em 2.” The 29-track album is a perfect closer for a year that Drakeo’s proved himself like no other. In the past year, after his release from incarceration in November 2020, he’s dropped 3 other successful solo projects, We Know The Truth, The Truth Hurts, Ain’t That The Truth, and now with the release of “So Cold I Do Em 2” his hot streak continues. The album is filled with the consistency, catchiness, and ingenuity that Drakeo is known for and exhibits the sheer talent he possesses with ease. The album is filled with classic West Coast production, witty one-liners, and an electric array of flows. All of which are staples of Drakeo The Ruler’s music. On “GangNEm” featuring Ralfy The Plug pt. 2, Drakeo glides over smooth keys and delivers sweet bars, resulting in a captivating and quick-witted track. “Stincs Run LA”, shows him laying down a clever verse over warning strings and haunting production. Though Drakeo flexes his braggadocios lyrics on the album, he also reflects on the hardships of his lenghty legal battle that resulted in his near three year incarceration and subsequent plea deal and release in 2020. In the words of Drakeo on “No Love”, They tried to throw the book at me, this a new chapter.” Drakeo The Ruler has overcome serious setbacks in the past few years, and now he has solidified himself as an icon in hip-hop and staple in the West Coast music scene, and with the release of “So Cold I Do Em 2” he’s only further capitalizing on his larger than life statue.

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