Album Stream: Icewear Vezzo “Rich Off Pints 2”

Part Detroit rap god, part entrepreneur extraordinaire, Icewear Vezzo continues his story with Rich Off Pints 2, out now via Iced Up Records! The follow up to his critically acclaimed Rich Off Pints (May 2021), Rich Off Pints 2 solidifies Vezzo’s elite rap game status with his easy going rasp, hard-as-nails demeanor and effortless slick talk. Across the project, Vezzo is serving up lyrical realism as he muses about his climb from the streets to the top of the Detroit rap (and pint) game over piano heavy beats that will force you to nod your head. Personally, I’ve been vibing with “Chamber Brothers” and “Sippin” ft. Babyface Ray (which is an homage to Three 6 Mafia’s “Sippin On Some Syrup”), but my favorite line off the project is “I got the best jewelry in this b*tch, that’s why I stand out” from “Neva Had A Handout.” Vezzo might be an architect of the Detroit scene, but he’s also the ultimate connector, getting love from The Bay to LA to Atlanta. For Rich Off Pints 2, Vezzo tapped FutureMoneybagg Yo, Babyface Ray, RMR, Rio Da Yung OG and Antt Beatz

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