Album Stream: Icewear Vezzo “Rich Off Pints 3”

You’re not dreaming… Rich Off Pints 3 is here! Icewear Vezzo closes the chapter on a legendary saga with an onslaught of hard-hitting tracks. Key Glock, G Herbo, E-40 and more join the Motor City phenom as he reminds of what it means to be Rich Off Pints. With an arsenal of elite producers at the helm, including Midwest mavericks FOREVERROLLIN, Rocaine, Cashout Beatz and Maxx Beats, Vezzo lets us know he doesn’t just rep Detroit, he is Detroit. Accompanying the record is the music video for standout track “On My Own.” Produced by Promo Beatz, the boisterous, rapid-fire track finds Vezzo spitting fire as he motivates listeners to get on their grind. 

More than just an artist, Icewear Vezzo is the CEO of Iced Up Records, a community advocate, an entrepreneur, a father and husband. ROP3 is where we get another glimpse into his past as he embarks on a journey to an even brighter future. “The phrase ‘Rich Off Pints’ isn’t literal, it’s about the mindset I was in around the time I started the series,” says Icewear Vezzo. “I was like, ‘f*ck the streets, I’m about to go all the way. I don’t care how broke I gotta go, I wanna live right and do the right thing.’ I had dreams of quitting the streets ever since I started hustling, and when I started thinking about Rich Off Pints, I developed the courage to do the work it takes to quit the streets completely.”

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