Album Stream: Kresnt “Rumi’s Reflection”

Vancouver’s Kresnt woke up this morning to find that has brand new release, “Rumi’s Reflection” sat at #2 on Turkey’s Top 10 Album Chart on iTunes, and #29 on Canada’s Top 30 Album Chart. Not bad for an Afghani-Canadian rap up-and-comer.

Executive Produced by Kane, Nani Beats and Kresnt himself, this 9-song album is a celebration of Kresnt’s growth both as a man and an artist, and an ode to his favorite muse, 13th Century poet, Jal?l ad-D?n Muhammad R?m?aka Rumi.

“Rumi was an amazing poet and although he was appreciated in his time, his impact is felt more today if not ever. I personally felt connected to his poems as he speaks about finding yourself; I too feel lost in life and am in a constant battle on finding myself. This project is very personal and I wanted to reflect on my life thus far, I hope the people can relate.”

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