Album Stream: Pioneer 11 “Humanoid”

Salutations to all you still standing through the muck, malaise, and other malevolent adjectives and nouns that we currently slog through. The good news is that things can always be worse. Maybe Elon Musk taking over twitter is a way to slowly wean us off a debilitating addiction. Maybe this will be an excuse for us all to take up a new hobby like fortune telling or making hand-crafted wind chimes. 

The genre-dismantling album of neo-psychedelia that fuses house, electronica, and hazy guitar riffs. Humanoid is the soundtrack to a desert rave devoid of data-mining corporate sponsors, a high-BPM ride down a cyberpunk Shakedown Street of mind-expanding substances and sounds (RIYL: Darkside, Caribou, Four Tet)

Listen below via Spotify!

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