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Jersey rapper Ant Beale and G.O.O.D. Music producer Charlie Heat have re-released their No Rain No Flowers EP via Charlie’s own label House of 99 and Downtown / Interscope Records. The six-track compilation, executive produced by Charlie Heat, acts as Ant Beale‘s debut project. It’s a collection of songs that touch on real moments in his life while bringing a happy, summer-ready vibe to it. Ant was working as a photographer when his career hit a turning point. He had a photoshoot booked with Charlie, and on the way he played some music in the car. After 20 seconds Charlie turned it off and told Ant they were going to work on music together. The roots of No Rain No Flowers took hold and Ant wrote his breakout track “Dirty Taurus” which has over 1.6 million plays and counting. From there Ant took his newly discovered talents to writing Kehlani‘s hit song “Undercover” for her debut album SweetSexySavage in addition to finishing his own project.

No Rain No Flowers begins with “Dirty Taurus,” a nostalgic track in which Ant reminisces on his past prior to his current life as a rapper. “When I was about 10 my grandmother had a Ford Taurus; we lived out of it for a few days, and it really did say ‘Wash Me’ on the back,” says Ant. “To this day that’s my least favorite car. I made that song just for myself, and I never really expected it to be more than that-it’s just real shit that happened to me.” He continues his storytelling over lullaby-like sounds, laser-focused songwriting and catchy melodies on tracks like “Crazy Again” and “Sunshine,” and things light up as Ant dishes humblebrags and bars on “WTN“, “Pardon Me” and “10KRTS.” No Rain No Flowers showcases the versatility and inclusivity of Beale‘s music, an artistic representation of “beauty in the struggle.” Ant’s most recent release Away Forever is out now on all streaming services and can be listened to below

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