Birds Of A Feather 2 Premier

Pics by Andrew Yager.

Zaytoven assembled many of his famous friends for the premier of his highly anticipated film Birds Of A Feather 2 in Atlanta on Monday night. Taking the red carpet were big names such as Cassius Jay, Yung Ralph, OJ Da Juiceman, Trouble (Who had on the dopest pair of Chanel shoes I’ve ever seen), and Kash Doll who all make appearances in the Al Nuke written and produced film.As more beautiful faces  arrived, it was show time.

The film follows Zaytoven from where he last left off showing the transition from up and coming producer to superstar producer. With more money comes more problems and word to Al Nuke himself, “With success comes sacrifice”. With issues from the past reoccurring and a legacy all at stake, how will Zay deal with the pressure? Most definitely a must watch.

Written by Manny Akiio

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  1. The Kreative Chik | August 2, 2018 at 10:06 am | Reply

    Well written piece. I would of never known about this premiere or who all is in the movie if it werent for this. Im a hige hip hop gan and im glad too see Dirty Glove back on top

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