Paris Lounge Rewrites The Narrative On Nightlife Merriment With ‘Boss Bash’


Mulatto and Setitoff83 invade Raleigh, North Carolina for an unmatched festive occurrence at Paris Lounge.

This past Friday (December 6, 2019) all roads led to 5500 Atlantic Springs Rd. in the Tar Heel State’s capital in acknowledgement of Bag Money Entertainment’s CEO (Preme) ‘Boss Bash’.

The collective powers that lie within BME (Bag Money Entertainment) and CE (Clutch Entertainment) came together to embrace the aesthetic associated with some of music’s most sought out talents on the rise, while also championing an inclusive vibe that appealed to the young adult cohort.

I’m sure by now many have familiarized themselves with the enthralling montage of social media video reels that reiterate the essence of vitality galvanized throughout last night’s endeavors – but even a shortened :30 sec Instagram post doesn’t suffice for what the influx of attendees experienced collectively.

Big 3 performed a few of his most noteworthy offerings, including the renowned writ of homage to an alternative lifestyle titled ‘No Cap’ – while Mulatto delivered a provocative utterance of brazen, yet desirable lyrical prose that adds contrast to her entrancing backstory with ‘B*tch from Da Souf

(Courtesy of Derrius Edwards)

The night was also accompanied with special appearances by Mahogany Jones and Brooklyn Nikole – two affluent wunderkinds in their own right, and also a willful dominance to convey crowd control by promising host/event planner PartyBoy.

Whether it was the inundation of people gathered to commemorate Preme’s birthday celebration or the caliber of showmanship demonstrated by Mulatto’s attentiveness to engage with onlooking fans, this event definitely set the standard on how to typify distinction in a relatively challenging market.

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