CA$ “Attention Shift”


CA$ is a swiftly rising West Coast emcee. On this uptempo club banger he utilizes a rapid staccato delivery to great effect. In fact when checking out his label FEO Ent.’s Soundcloud I was struck by how often and efficaciously uses a variety of cadences in his delivery.

Coming from the east side of San Bernardino, CA, where there is an abundance of pressure in the streets, CA$ quickly merged into a life of hustling and gang banging like most of his peers and influences in his hood.

CA$ soon learned that “I wanted more, and felt my kids deserved more so I put my focus into music but I had bills to pay. My city can be looked at as a dark place. I just want to be a beacon of light. The light the will guide the way of any one who relates. So I went and got my commercial drivers license because I felt that if I did that I could get paid to travel to different cities and I could market my music while there” Exploiting his own ambition and hustle he did just that.”

Now residing in Houston, Texas he is releasing music and content to his already strong core following.

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