Check Out Rising West Coast Artist IamKay & His New Single “Play”

Jesse Mota, known professionally as IamKay, has made a name for himself in the music industry. Born on October 16th, 1992, and hailing from San Bernardino, California, this multi-talented artist seamlessly blends pop & R&B elements with traditional hip-hop to create an emotive soundscape that resonates deeply with fans all around the world. In 2016 he released his single “What You Sayin,” which was widely acclaimed by audiences both old and new – followed shortly afterward by tracks such as “Play” & “Throw It Up.” Drawing influence from trailblazers like Lil Wayne, T-Pain & Usher while showing homage to ’90s legends Bone Thugs N Harmony, it’s no wonder why so many influential figures within the music industry have taken note of Kay’s unique talent. Empowered creatively through Showtime Entertainment, he continues to make waves throughout Southern California and beyond!

Get to know a little more from Iamkay Below:

QUESTION: What do you consider your primary style? 

IamKay: A go for a range. I wouldn’t say I like to limit myself. Within one track, I might include pop and hip-hop. Others, I could keep it smoother, bringing in some R&B influence. It depends on how I am feeling and what is inspiring me at that moment. 

QUESTION: Speaking of inspiration, are there artists out that you consider pivotal in motivating you to pursue this kind of career? 

IamKay: Definitely. Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Usher, Chris Brown, and Bone Thugs N Harmony would be but a few. Bone Thugs N Harmony speaks to me as a 90s kid because their stuff was played everywhere. I like their approach. Even now, it holds up well and has a hopefulness that I still appreciate. 

QUESTION: Do you think growing up in Southern California influenced your work? 

IamKay: One of the nice things about San Bernardino and the area, in general, is how much people are willing to get their sound out. They go out. That partly explains, at least, why I have so many live performances. I appreciate the supportive nature of the crowds out here, and some of my sound/production reflects what it was like growing up here. 

QUESTION: What is “Showtime Entertainment?” 

IamKay: Showtime Entertainment is my label and brand. I created it in part to solidify what it is that I do. 

Play the artist’s brand-new release, “Play,” out now across all platforms!

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