Chiae & T-Minus “Cash Out”

Backed by some impressive instrumentation from Drake producer T-Minus, Motown’s Chiae returns with a lush and lavish new single, “Cash Out.” Smooth yet vibrant, the track sets the tone for the Atlanta R&B singer formerly known as Malachiae’s tales of romantic encounters in the lap of luxury. 
“Cash Out” is the sort of low-key ballad that Chiae has made his name on over the last few years. Dizzy synthesizers and neon sub-bass provide the soundtrack for a song full of easy romance and casual flexing. Chiae sets the scene early on: When a love interest slides into his side of town, he’s busy, making moves at the bank. But he makes time because they both appreciate the finer things in life. Sunny-eyed, he expresses his affection, while letting the instrumental breath. It’s beautiful, light, and sensual, like Chiae’s best songs to date. 

See the music video for “Cash Out” below and stream the records audio via your DSP of choice | HERE

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