Commercial for Crip-a-Cola

Killer Mike has partnered with Netflix to release the thought-provoking new series “Trigger Warning.” In every episode, Mike challenges some of the tropes, stereotypes, & “conventional wisdom” of American society.

In one of my favorite episodes, Killer observes outlaw gangs such as the Hells Angels profiting from their iconography and notoriety. Why not see the same profits for street fraternities who were created to protect the defenseless in their communities from racist invaders intending assault, rape, & even murder. With this thought in mind, Mike goes on to create bottled soda with Crip and Blood members. Not only will this provide the community with a valuable influx of money, since every dollar you spend with them is one not spent with Coke & Pepsi. It will also humanize groups that have been demonized and overincarcerated for decades.

All of the first run of episodes are as equally stimulating. I couldn’t recommend watching them more.


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  1. Where can I buy some?

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