Curtis Mayz Just Turned Your Favorite Destiny’s Child Song Into a Dark Banger on “5:38 AM”

Dallas, TX: Artist Curtis Mayz isn’t getting much sleep, but that’s not stopping him from leaving his pistol at home.

Mayz has released his first single 5:38 AM from his upcoming Triple Diziac EP earlier this week and it’s not a record to sleep on. In a premiere with Pigeons & Planes Mayz said, “This record is basically when trying to do the right thing meets frustration, impatience and paranoia,” Mayz adds that, “Walking that straight and narrow path can easily be rerouted when your bank account balance is negative, the rent is due, and your child is outgrowing clothes as fast as they able to fit ’em. Shit is real out here.”

The Magix production takes shape from Destiny Child’s 1999 hit Jumpin’ Jumpin’ and Mayz opening line “Really been smokin and I really been drinking” is either a tribute to YG or a reference to what I’m going to be doing all summer; either way this shit is hard. You might recognize Curtis Mayz from his record Swangin he dropped last summer with Mel from The Outfix,Tx but I’m sure he will be a name to pay attention to in the near future.

Listen to it on his soundcloud below.

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