DGB Exclusive Interview: Ar’mon and Trey Talk R&B, New Relationships and “Just In Case” feat. Yung Bleu

YouTube stars Ar’mon and Trey are continuously on the uprise. Emerging on Vine in 2014, the brotherly duo has generated millions of followers and fans through the years with their transition into YouTube and Instagram. Ar’mon and Trey’s YouTube has totaled over 100 million plays and captivated 3 million subscribers. Their debut singles “Drown” and “Breakdown” caught the attention of Warner Bros. Records which they signed to in 2018. Since then, the brothers have been on a major hot streak. Their recent “Right Back” Remix video featuring YoungBoy Never Broke Again immediately trended to #2 on YouTube upon its release and has over 5 million views to date.

Ar’mon and Trey’s newest single “Just In Case” is a provocative, NSFW yet ultra feel-good record produced by Fresh Ayr. The song samples “Cupid” by 112 which bring out a fun, alluring and steamy side to Ar’mon and Trey. Yung Bleu proved to be the perfect feature for this record as his verse and voice tune meshed splendidly with A and T.

Read our exclusive interview with Ar’mon and Trey as the brothers get candid with DGB about their personal approach to R&B music, the announcement of their new relationships and their new single “Just In Case” featuring Yung Bleu.

Catrise J: What are some pros and cons about being brothers and working together so closely?

Ar’mon: I don’t think there are any cons. I think it is a lot of pros. We just love what we do and we love doing it with each other. It’s fun because at the end of the day— you know, we are brothers so a lot of stuff that one person is thinking about the other person is thinking about too. I think we both bring a different flavor to the group so I don’t think there are any cons just all pros.

Trey: We just make sure we are both cool with everything and then if not, we just compromise and figure out what we want to do so that both of us are happy if we do disagree.

CJ: You both were very young when you first came on the scene. You started on Vine and eventually moved on to YouTube pioneering challenges like “So Gone” as well as garnering millions of plays from singing covers. Now, being grown at the ages of 20 and 21. Your approach to your original music has been very sexy, sultry and NSFW. Why did you decide to go that route instead of a more clean and cut Pop sound? What have been some of your influences?

T: Actually, we have music for both [Pop and R&B.] We were going to go in both routes but that [R&B] is what we grew up on. You know what I’m saying? Like real sexy R&B.

A: Not only that but we are ladies men. Us being raised by our sisters we know what they want to hear. And, also we were raised on sexy grown stuff so it’s like second nature. Plus, what do you like to hear? You like to hear that type of music, right?

CJ: Oh, yeah. You definitely hit the nail on the coffin. I’m not always trying to hear the Migos while I’m with my friends at the club. While that is cool! Sometimes, I want to twerk and grind to some slow music. Do you know what I’m saying?

A + T: [laughing] Oh, okay! We hear you!

Photo Courtesy of: Warner Bros Records

CJ: You guys recently announced to your #ArmyTroop’s and “Girlfriends” on social media that you guys have real girlfriends now. What has the response been like from your fans? What do your real girlfriends think of “Just In Case” and how are they supportive of your careers?

A: At the end of the day even with our girlfriends and even just with our family everything kind of ties into each other. Everybody understands what we do. They understand our profession. So we really don’t get questioned about what we do as an artist because what we do as an artist is us being Ar’mon and Trey. When we are out of that mode we are different so they get it, they understand it.

T: Our fans are fine. You know we had some people mad but I think it was more so funny like “Uhhh, you guys are taking my man” but they’re still supportive though.

CJ: The state of R&B has been a big topic of discussion recently – Being apart of the genre what are your thoughts on R&B currently? As young artists what type of mark do you want to leave on the genre?

T: We love R&B. We are trying to help bring back that genre of music. We are really trying to help it dominate again.

A: It’s been very hard for R&B to come back and be on top again but we want to play a part in why it comes back.

CJ: Your new single “Just In Case” features an older R&B sample- 112’s “Cupid”. With, older artists like the 112’s, the Ginuwine’s, and the Tyrese’s and even meme’s saying the reason why R&B is dead is they don’t use rain in music videos anymore do you truly think that R&B can truly make a comeback?

T: Yes! I think it definitely can.

A: I feel like with the youngins that are out right now and what [music] we are releasing. We are really bringing it back to the point where it is starting to be respected. You know, because good music can’t go unnoticed. It may take some time but you can’t overlook a hit so we are just going to keep releasing good stuff.

T: It [R&B] can come back it but just has to be current which is something we keep in mind. When we are making R&B music we are thinking like how can we stay current but still be soulful and trendy and still put our twist on it with what we grew up on.

A: You know good quality.

Cover Art Courtesy of Warner Bros Records

CJ: When I first heard “Just In Case” I immediately thought of the summer. Do you think “Just In Case” will be a summer smash and why do you think it will?

A: Yeah. I really do feel this way – I feel like “Just In Case” is going to be one of the hottest R&B songs this summer because I feel like it’s just that feel good record. I feel like in every aspect it is just a good song. How it came about, how we wrote it, how people take it – you know how even you took it. I feel like a lot of people are going to like it. I feel like that’s what we need again, the record where it feels old school but it is still new. You can still vibe to it, you can still play it at parties, you can do a lot of things with this record. I feel like that’s what makes the record versatile.

T: You can listen to it with your partner after a date on your way home before…

A: …You about to get in them cheeks. You know what time it is. [chuckling]

CJ: Yes! You know what time it is! So, “Just In Case” features Yung Bleu. Why did you choose to work with Yung Bleu and what was the collaboration like in the studio?

T: My brother and I are very mindful. We don’t want to get a feature just because we can get a feature. But, we heard him [Yung Bleu] on the song. After we wrote and recorded the first verse and hook I just told my brother like I can hear Yung Bleu on this song. We like to do stuff that makes sense if it is going to sound right. Like, can they [artists] bring something to the song to make it even better? So, that was the reason why we chose him. Actually, we didn’t collab in the studio together. We had worked on it, then we sent it to him and then he hopped on it.

CJ: When Bleu heard the song was he like “hell yeah, I’m getting on this!” or what was his initial response like?

A: Oh yeah! He hit me back like two minutes later and was like “This is a hit! I’m adding my verse on it.” And, I was like let’s do it!

CJ: You guys are very creative! Can you give us any details on what we might expect for the music video to “Just In Case”?

T: It is just about to get crazy lit! We are getting better and better when we put out something. We always try to set goals for ourselves so this video is definitely about to be a dope video. The concept. Everything is gonna be nice. We are not getting fed up like all our other videos where the girls get fed up.

A: This time it is real sexy. Basically, you are going to feel the song through the video. So, it’s going to be real sexy and it’s going to be lit. You know stuff that girls want to see and stuff that guys would like to play for their girls.

Stream Ar’mon and Trey’s new single “Just In Case” featuring Yung Bleu below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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