DGB presents Ethan Sacii – Dirty Glove Sacii 3 [Mixtape]

Tonight we’re very excited to present Ethan Sacii’s third installment of the Dirty Glove Sacii mixtape series. And just like he did with the previous version, Sacii has really stepped it up on here! He delivers 16 new songs including the crazy single “Run Up A Check” that has been spreading since it was released last week. The project includes features and production by Lil Uzi Vert, TM88, 808 Mafia, Swang, London Jae, Tabius Tate, Kodak K, Taliban Ju, Narlaygothitz and plenty more. Some of my favorite songs on here are “Potz” & “Had 2 Learn”. Stream it now via Live Mixtapes and expect DGS3: Reloaded to follow real soon!


01. Ethan Sacii – Semi Automatic (Feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
02. Ethan Sacii – Potz [Prod. By Narlaygothitz & Swang]
03. Ethan Sacii – Go Get The Money [Prod. By Taliband Ju of 808Mafia]
04. Ethan Sacii – ApeMode Sacii (Feat. Zanny Tomy) [Prod. By Taliban Ju 808 Mafia]
05. Ethan Sacii – Run Up A Check [Prod. By Taliban Ju & TT of 808Mafia]
06. Ethan Sacii – Trap Out Da Mansion [Prod. By Taliban Ju 808 Mafia]
07. Ethan Sacii – Leash (Feat. Swang) [Prod. By Taliban Ju 808 Mafia]
08. Ethan Sacii – Kiku (Feat. Swang & Brad Bank$) [Prod. By Taliban Ju 808 Mafia]
09. Ethan Sacii – Real Trap Shit [Prod. By Taliban Ju & Hussein of 808 Mafia]
10. Ethan Sacii – The Grinch [Prod. By Mac of 808 Mafia]
11. Ethan Sacii – Come Get It (Feat. London Jae) [Prod. By DJ Plugg]
12. Ethan Sacii – I Rather [Prod. By Narlaygothitz]
13. Ethan Sacii – No Date (Feat. Tabius Tate) [Prod. By TM88]
14. Ethan Sacii – Had 2 Learn (Feat. Kodak Kronick) [Prod. By Griimz]
15. Ethan Sacii – Can’t Trust Em [Prod. By Narlaygothitz]
16. Ethan Sacii – LA [Prod. By TM88 & 808Mafia]

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