DGB presents “Off The Porch” w/ Sherwood Marty

Last week, Baton Rouge’s next big superstar, Sherwood Marty came down to Atlanta to work on some new music for his upcoming debut project with 300 Entertainment. I got to lock in with him for practically the entire week and the 20-year old’s work ethic is phenomenal, we’re talking 12+ hour studio sessions for 7 days straight. And the music is sounding absolutely incredible, he’s really going to make some noise when this music gets released.

And on Sunday, I got to sit down with Marty at M.A.D. Studios in Decatur to ask him about what life was like growing up in Sherwood, him only rapping for 2 years, his “Sherwood Baby” video hitting a million plays, recently signing a deal with 300 Entertainment, upcoming new music with OMB Peezy (they have a tape dropping in 2 weeks!), Mouse On Tha Track (they have a project worth of material already!) & Spiffy Global (#SherwoodGlobal is on the way!), why Kevin Gates is his favorite rapper and he also reveals that Boosie told him this past week that he needs to move out of Baton Rouge. Watch below and stay tuned for some really good music from Marty. Video was shot & edited by JTeef.

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