DGB Video Premiere: Domani “Time Will Tell”

Tasteful and wise well-beyond his eighteen years, ATL rapper Domani is destined for big things. Worrying about his come-up and his future as an artist, Domani shares “Time Will Tell,” his latest video. 

Riding a beat that changes from life-affirming gospel to sinister bass-boosted trap, Domani tells a pair of connected stories from his childhood–both related to his father’s arrest and imprisonment, and his difficulty finding people to trust. Ever a reflective and philosophical thinker, Domani takes solace in the realization that everyone’s intentions become clear over time.

In the video, Domani dramatizes moments from his youth, including the moment of his father’s arrest and his dealings with an opportunistic teacher, contrasting them with candles, coffins, hearses, and other funereal iconography. “Time Will Tell” is the latest video from the upcoming Time Will Tell project, following the symbolist video for “Game We Play,” premiered earlier this month. 

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