DJ Swamp Izzo Talks Seeing Future, Young Thug, & Shawty Lo Rise To Fame & Says Ralo Will Be Free Soon [The Progress Report]

“I came up struggling like everybody else in the streets, music was an outlet” (DJ Swamp Izzo)

DJ Swamp Izzo is a DJ, radio personality at V103 Atlanta, and industry plug originally from South Carolina now residing in Atlanta, GA. In the latest installment of Conversations with Lalaa Shepard presented by The Progress Report, Swamp Izzo talks about Lil Jon and the Crunk era of music influencing his decision to relocate from New York to ATL. 

“If I didn’t deal with you I wouldn’t play your music” (DJ Swamp Izzo)

Swamp Izzo has always been influential in musicians careers and was there from day one until now with artists such as Young Scooter, Future, Young Thug, Shawty Lo, Big Bank Black, D4L, Rich Kidz, Soulja Boy, Kwony Cash, Parlae, and Ralo, and even mentions that Ralo will be a free man sooner than later during the sit down conversation with Lalaa. 

“I used to let people hear Young Thug’s mixtapes and nobody would listen… I have songs with Young Thug that people have never heard to this day” (DJ Swamp Izzo) 

“I was there when Shawty Lo was getting $0 for a show to $40,000 for a show” (DJ Swamp Izzo) 

“Everywhere we used to go I would just pray because Shawty Lo was so street” (DJ Swamp Izzo) 

Swamp Izzo is a wave creator and would rather set trends than follow them. During the conversation with Lalaa, Swamp Izzo recalls choosing to do a mixtape with Kwony Cash over 2 Chainz and still having great relationships with each of these artists to this day. 

“You have to have good energy around you, sometimes the energy will make you give up” (DJ Swamp Izzo) 

Another influential part of DJ Swamp Izzo’s career is DJ’n at the infamous Blue Flame Strip Club in ATL. However, Swamp Izzo does not consider himself to be a “strip club DJ” and shares how becoming a household name at the club happened by chance. 

“The Blue Flame was an accident, I never was a strip club type person” (DJ Swamp Izzo)

In addition to his endeavors in the music industry, DJ Swamp Izzo is a proud father and he has toured Afghanistan with President Obama.

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