EP: Lil Dujour – Tell All Your Friends

Las Vegas artist Lil Dujour lands fresh in our pages today with his chaotic and compelling new EP offering “Tell All Your Friends” where he skates over a variety of dynamic production, some on the more frenetic-edge of the spectrum with instrumentals that could only be described as ‘rage’ beats with other more slower, bouncier beats which fit his flows as tightly. He like so many other artists who were heavily inspired by the ‘SoundCloud’ generation that brought the 2010’s to a close, as well as the early-2000’s pop-punk scene which obviously has influenced his vocal deliveries. Dujour now splits his time between Vegas and L.A. working diligently on expanding his catalog and continuing to perfect his sound. Enjoy this project and keep an eye on Lil Dujour for the rest of 2022 and I hope to see some videos accompanying the project soon!

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  1. Tell All your friends is fucken lit.

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