EP: Niko Blue – Me, You And Summer

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta artist Niko Blue is ready to share his Summer vibes filled EP “Me, You And Summer”. With most of the production handled by him, this EP is a good introduction to Niko and his versatility as an artist. Known for mixing a bit of House with Hip-Hop, Niko Blue creates music meant to move you.

“Me, You and Summer is a project I want people to be able to blast all through the Summer time. I wanted to give this project a Summer feel music wise, while also integrating my own style of music and the sounds coming out of Atlanta.” Continuing on he says, “In almost every song, you can catch some reference of ‘Summer’ leaving or not being present. You can almost attribute “Summer” to being a woman that I’ve dealt with; and just like seasons, relationships come and go. I tried to stick with that theme throughout the entire project and had fun doing so. I just want these songs to make people feel something, anything.”

This project is a must hear for all summer 2018 without a doubt.

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