EP Stream: Goldenboy Countup “Chill Golden” + Video: “Standing On” ft. Money Man

Fresh off being named in COMPLEX as one of ‘6 Rising Florida Rappers You Need To Know’, Central Florida rapper Goldenboy Countup has just shared his new EP Chill Golden and a new video single“Standing On” (feat. Money Man). Goldenboy has catapulted himself into the national spotlight as the originator behind combining the modern sounds of the Sunshine State with heart-pounding, Detroit-inspired production––a trend that has become commonplace in FL. In the words of Rolling Stone, Goldenboy “sounds like a Michigan artist with a country drawl”. Last month in a Twitter Spaces hosted by the New York Times along with Questlove, Goldenboy was mentioned as a prime example of how important regional hip-hop is to the musical landscape today.Now, Goldenboy Countup is closing out his breakthrough year with his new 8-track EP, Chill Golden.

On Chill Golden EP, Goldenboy further hones his craft and delivers a full-body project chock full of transparent introspection, hilarious one-liners, and cinematic tales of his life before fame. “22 Voices” is a heartfelt exploration of Goldenboy’s trials and tribulations, as he hauntingly recounts the rocky roads of his DeLand come-up. On “Standing On”, Goldenboy and his longtime mentor Money Man radiate magnetic energy as they deliver neck-snapping verses over vibrant Southern production. The video catches Goldenboy Countup and Money Man on a trip to New York City, bopping around between studio sessions, jewelry stores, and the backseat of a luxury SUV. Ahead of the EP release, Goldenboy shared a pair of well-received singles “10PM in ATL” and “Don’t Let Me”, giving listeners a preview of his tone and focus on this EP. After a run of cohesive projects, homegrown anthems, and originating the Florda-Detroit musical connection, Goldenboy is establishing his stance as the Florida-rapper-to-know with his new EP, Chill Golden.

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