Exclusive: Grip Explains Concept For His “Snubnose” Album

Atlanta native Grip released one of the most fascinating albums in 2019 with “Snubnose”, a concept album that was partly inspired by Nas’ “I Gave You Power”. Fresh off an overseas tour with JID, we sat down with Grip for an in-depth and eye-opening “Off The Porch” interview.

During our conversation, Grip talked about touring in Europe, explains how the crowds overseas are different from back here in the US, his upcoming North America tour with Brent Faiyaz, jumping off the porch at the age of 13, reveals one of the biggest lessons he learned while in the streets, explains the concept of his album “Snubnose”, speaks on being a fan of movies and how that helps him with his writing process, being hands on with the production process, breaks down the intro song “He Is.. I Am”, talks about Dungeon Family influencing him, working with the legendary Big Rube on “226”, talks about opening up on the song “Pressed”, going to college for one semester in Tennessee, breaks down the concept of the “Snubnose” film, the agenda being pushed by the music industry, rappers promoting designer clothes that their listeners can’t afford, music’s influence on its listeners, gives advice for artists who are meeting with labels, explains the name of his label Stray Society, speaks on his favorite song on the project “Breakdown”, talks about being a father, the incredible feedback he has received from the album, his plans to keep pushing the project all 2020 and much more! Check it out below!

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