Exclusive: Mattazik Talks About Engineering Lil Baby’s “My Turn” Album

Mattazik is quickly becoming one of the hottest producers & music engineers in the game! He is Lil Baby’s go-to engineer and has also worked with Rylo Rodriguez, Young Thug & Tokyo Jetz to just name a few.

Last week we sat down with music producer/engineer Mattazik for a very in-depth and entertaining “Off The Porch” interview! During our discussion he talked about engineering Lil Baby’s new album “My Turn” that debuted #1 on Billboard, first making beats while in college, how he got his start as an engineer, explains how he got his producer tags “Mattazik Been Boomin Off Rip” & “Matt, What Up?!”, explains his production group 48 kHz with Prezzley P & Jay Rich was created, lists some Do’s & Don’ts for engineers while recording, Do’s & Don’ts for rappers while working with engineers, reveals how he first linked up with Lil Baby, explains how him & Quay Global produced “Pure Cocaine”, working on “My Turn” for a year, being nominated for a Grammy, going viral when Lil Baby told him “Matt, get this shit right” during a studio session, going viral when the Megabus he was riding on was raided by the police, explains the difference between Mardi Gras in Mobile & in New Orleans, explains what Dirty Glove Bastard means to him and much more! Check it out below!

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