Exclusive: MGM Lett Talks About His Music Blowing Up, Gucci Mane Wanting To Sign Him + More

Last week we caught up with buzzing Alabama rapper MGM Lett for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our sit down he talked about life in Pritchard, jumping off the porch, winning $15k in one day gambling, getting shot 4 times during an attempted robbery, starting to rap last year, his music taking off quickly, coming from a musical family, Atlantic Records flying him out to L.A., Gucci Mane reaching out to him wanting to sign him, the music scene in Pritchard/Mobile right now, working closely with producer Al’Geno, his new single “CPR”, his buzzing video “Lett Em Know”, knowing Rylo Rodriguez before rap, their music video “Dead People”, his upcoming project ‘Lett The World Know’, and much more!

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