Fort Worth Hip-Hop Artist Yung Vince Making
Noise with New Single

There is a new artist in the world of hip-hop turning heads. His name is Yung Vince. Fans and
industry vets alike have taken notice of this up-and-coming hip-hop artist, whose new single
Problem with Me dropped March 20, 2022. How successful has this single been? In its first 30
days, it garnered more than 420,000 streams across all platforms.
Yung Vince is originally from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has been rapping since the age of
seven. By 15, he was shifting his passion from a hobby to a career, releasing his first EP titled
Boom. However, Problem with Me is the single that has proven to put his name on the map in
the hip-hop scenes.
The single does an outstanding job of highlighting Yung Vince’s unique style and visionary lyrics,
while also making no apologies for the impact he and his music are making in the industry.
What it does perhaps best of all is serves to introduce the world to this new artist whose song
has been filling headphones across the country for weeks with no signs of slowing. Fans are
already clamoring for the next hit. Fortunately, Yung Vince has the makings of an artist whose
rise to the top is just beginning.

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Noise with New Single"

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