Gemaine and Charlie Heat inspired by gangster film swagger on New Jack City



Compton R&B singer-songwriter Gemaine and super-producer Charlie Heat (Kanye West, Kehlani, Madonna) release their 11-track album New Jack City. Inspired by the pace and swagger of gangster films like the gritty 1991 thriller New Jack City, Gemaine and songwriting partners Charlie Heat and Ymtk developed a spacious musical signature that lends cinematic flair to even the most effervescent jams with tender lyricism and unapologetic sex appeal.

“When Charlie started playing those chords, the melody hit me immediately,” Gemaine describes. “‘Giddy Up’ were the first lyrics that came to mind. The classical strings mixed with the playful melody I sang made me want to make a 2022 ‘Back That Azz Up’ with my own twist. Kendrick Lamar heard the song and inspired me to finish it after he complimented the contrast of how soulfully my voice sounded with the raunchy lyrical content.”

“You can expect some fearless risk-taking, needle-moving type of music,” explains Gemaine. “We have all kinds of styles and flavors of R&B that really resonated with us. The album is like a playlist, both colorful and consistent and always having that real R&B signature to it.”

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01) Intro
02) New Jack City
03) Giddy Up
04) Fever ft. Guapdad 4000
05) Just Wanna
06) Conditional Love ft. Ymtk
07) Play Too Much ft. Too $hort and Ymtk
08) Wesley ft. City James
09) Lay It Down ft. Ymtk
10) Rose ft. Ymtk
11) No Questions

Los Angeles native Gemaine is a drummer and self-taught pianist turned singer, songwriter and producer. First introduced to music in church, he was a quick study in the charisma and famed chord progressions of modern gospel music while growing up in Compton. Gemaine began singing publicly at the age of 18, when a video recorded at a local Guitar Center and uploaded to TikTok predecessor Vine suddenly transformed him into a viral sensation; the success of Gemaine’s 2015 single “Freaky” preceded his introductory project and provided the world its first taste of the dulcet tones and finesse that drive his sound.

The sensual aesthetic established during his musical youth makes Gemaine the perfect messenger for a timely resurgence of tender lyricism and unapologetic sex appeal –– attributes of r&b music that have arguably flagged since the era responsible for artists like Al B. Sure and Bobby Brown’s storied solo career. Inspired by that legacy and compelled to orchestrate a movement that is altogether invigorating and fresh, Gemaine is a rising r&b phenom whose brash ownership of the heartthrob title and deep reserve of artistic versatility make ample room for the next love movement.

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