GenPop Podcast: Fight On The 1 Train (Dyckman Life)

St. Laz is a veteran NYC rapper who has been on MTV, BET, & had several songs in rotation on Hot 97. He’s collaborated with almost every prominent artist over generations, from Styles P to recent hit songs with Gunna & Roddy Rich. Before all that, however, Laz served a six-year prison sentence, followed by a few parole violations. His journey took him from Rikers Island to correctional institutions throughout the New York State Department of Corrections. He served time at some of the worse facilities, including Comstock, Ft. Greene, Franklin, & more. Laz doesn’t just limit the show to prison stories, he often talks of life in NYC. In this one, he details a fight on the subway (not an uncommon occurrence.)

In this show Laz will bring you the unfiltered truth of what really goes on inside of “correctional facilities” and he holds nothing back. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes disturbing, and always memorable, Laz will tell you just how barbaric, unnecessary, and damaging mass incarceration is, from the inmates, their families, all the way to the overpoliced communities the cycles begin in.

Listen to Laz’s Hip-Hop podcast The Super Facts Show here.

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