“Got Dank/Must Be Nice” Now Available At Cookies Store in LA

From the mean streets of Baltimore, Maryland, to the sandy dunes of Iraq, down to the urban mecca of Atlanta, emerges the retired US veteran-turned-entrepreneur, Big Head Bruce, also known as Terplord. The Atlanta-based nightlife and cannabis lifestyle ambassador has helped create a movement and self-made brand, “Got Dank/Must Be Nice Flower.” This unique brand has risen from listening parties and studios, catering to your favorite musicians and pairing them with the highest quality flowers, to store shelves across the globe, starting with their newly announced partnership with the Cookies store franchise, making it one of the most recognizable cannabis brands in the industry. They aim to “create the best possible experience for consumers while producing the highest quality flower and concentrates on the market.” High-end cannabis brand “Got Dank/Must Be Nice” has arrived with a popular culture following! Bruce’s journey to success is a testament to his ambition and passion for urban culture and influence. The Got Dank/Must Be Nice team refused to prioritize profits over the quality of their product. They have committed to cultivating top-notch products to remain independent and grow their fanbase. Their refusal to “buy into” a brand and instead build their own has paid off tenfold, positioning them to take the industry by storm, starting with placements in world-famous Cookie stores across the globe. Big Head Bruce, aka Terplord, and The Got Dank/Must Be Nice team exemplify what we can achieve with hard work and dedication without relying on cosigns or outside help. The cannabis industry is evolving, and entrepreneurs like Bruce are taking advantage of this new market opportunity by owning the brand they are pushing. That’s the American Dream. Tap in with our team today and build with the masters of their craft. @terplord1_ | @reno_got_dank | @mustbeniceflower

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