Gutta TV Links with Blo5k In ATL!


Blo5k links with Gutta TV to talk Atlanta, relationship with 21 Savage, new music & more!

“We came from nothing!” (Lil A)

Growing up poor, Lil A & Fatt did any and everything necessary to survive and music has always served as a therapeutic outlet for the two. Blo5k is now utilizing their platform to show people that it does not matter where you come from because dreams can be achieved with dedication, commitment, and a positive attitude.

Blo5k currently has 3 projects available – Blo5k Muzik, Gang and most recently Blo5k Muzik 2. All 3 projects feature a mature body of work and are hosted by respected DJs in the Hip Hop community, Bigga Rankin & DJ Lil Keem.

Already dominating the strip club scenes in Atlanta, Blo5k has since toured parts of New York, California, and Ohio performing their popular records “Its Time”, “Lean On” & “Work” featuring 21 Savage & Lotto Savage.

Blo5k embodies brotherhood, loyalty, and commitment and their music is a reflection of their values.

Later this month Blo5k plans to release an official music video for “Fukk On Da Gang” which features Hot 107.9 ATL Durtty Boyz own, Stuey Rock!

Keep up with the movement via IG @blo5k @b5lila @b5_fatt @mgmgthelabel

Blo5k has several music videos and VLOGS available via Youtube.

Blo5k Muzik:

Gang EP:

Blo5k Muzik 2:

Blo5k & DJ Smallz interview:

Blo5k & Durty Boyz Interview @ Hot 107.9 ATL! #FamousFridays:

Blo5k & DJ Scream:

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