Head to Compton w/ G Perico, AD & Sorry Jaynari in “#CripLivesMatter”


It’s all blue everything for AD, Sorry Jaynari, and G Perico. Their righteously controversial new visual serves double duty as a cautionary tale for those who aren’t cut out for the Crip lifestyle, and as a rallying cry against the discriminatory LAPD cops, “#CripLivesMatter” follows the OT Genasis-featuring “Basic” as the latest single from The Last of the ’80s, slated to release on April 28th.

The mainstream media only presents a one-sided picture of gangs in America. Contrary to popular belief, instead of banding together for purposes of criminality, many gangs were formed to protect the community from the racist policemen. Since that problem clearly hasn’t abated, coupled with the systematic removal of the father from the Black household, the impetus for the existence of gangs has only increased. We asked AD about some of the positives of gangs “People assume that gang members aren’t human beings. The families these fathers affected, these institutions are 40 years old. This is no different than in a Catholic church, a fraternity. There’s a lot of positivity – a football league that gets people into the NFL, Nipsey Hussle – he bought half his neighborhood, there’s a Fat Burger within his own neighborhood. ‘#CripLivesMatter’ is a message saying, we want to be accepted, we matter too.”

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