Houston artist Radamus has unnoticed talent.

The Houstonian rapper Radamus Oliver (RAD!) has been a hard worker since the beginning of his music career. Just like anyone RAD! had to get his feet wet, starting off with freestyling with friends. After receiving many complements and seeing fellow classmates like Travis Scott propel their music careers RAD! thought it was time to take things seriously. The lessons that he has learned from everyday hard work due to his mother’s rules has been applied to his artistic efforts. With only a backpack and Blu Snowball Condenser Mic he was left searching for a place to record while couch surfing and between hotels. After meeting Trigano who is a member of the French band Natas Loves You things started to change. These two have continued to stay in contact since meeting in 2015 as Trigano is currently out of the country. Over the following two years RAD! Moved between Austin, Joplin, M.O., Los Angeles, and Houston. Currently RAD! is in San Antonio where he has been able to develop his music through feed back and the use of studio equipment on a daily basis. Since this transition for Oliver, he has recorded and released two albums, with multiple bangers, along with several singles on all platforms (Apple Music, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc.).His highlighted tracks “SSH FREESTYLE” has many Houston references and a classic southern sound. With production from the homie Illfaded this is bound to hit a home run with his Houston fans. “fuck college” has a 2011 smoker feel to it, while RAD! speaks to those who have question about their schooling. This track most definitely coming in handy with the start of the Summer. RAD!’s SPOTLIGHT is a great body of work. One of my favorite tracks from the project is “blow”. This track is powered up with RAD! aggressiveness. The emotion on this track stem from bad relationships and rebellious gunk. Brace your speakers for “Hard Salt” from the SPOTLIGHT tape. This track’s hard hitting 808 and RAD!’s dark presence makes this sound like a night in the trap. The jams don’t stop there, once you get to “how DAt sounD” you notice the speical versatility of RAD!. You can’t miss the hard hitting quality of “Japan”. This track is the one to get shit started. RAD! has taken matter into his own hands to create his visuals, showing off his a different angle of his talent. The rapper has already gotten attention from fellow artist. RAD!’s 10 Cellphones feature came about on the internet when he decided to comment on a Tweet. “ I reached out, he initially said he wasn’t doing any features” said RAD!, but with 5 minutes of his music 10 Cellphones was eager to work. 3 days later RAD! had the feature. Be on the look out for more content from the artist as he grows into being your favorite rapper.

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