Houston Rapper WAV Just Debuted His First Single ‘Again’

Houston, TX: Fresh on the pages of DGB is Houston born artist WAV with his debut single Again.

WAV is a native to the Texas city of Houston, that dropped out of Texas A&M to move to NYC and pursue a career in music. His first single Again, produced by CashMoneyAP, is a fucking hit.

Listen to Again here:

Read his full Pigeons & Planes interview below.

Can you tell us a little more about your background?

Both of my parents are from Trinidad and Tobago and I have a younger sister. I was born in Brooklyn and spent my childhood in West Orange, New Jersey. When I was about 13, I moved down south to Houston and went to high school out there. After that, I ended up going to Texas A&M – shoutout to my fuckin’ aggies – but dropped out after my junior year. As much fun as I had, I was ready to get the fuck out and start chasing this whole music thing. Funny enough that shit was perfect timing cause Skizzy Mars ended up asking me to go on the road with him for his Alone Together tour. After his tour was done, I moved to New York to start working on my own career as an artist and I’ve been here since then.

Coming up, who do think influenced you the most as a rapper?

First off, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a rapper, although the music I make is heavily influenced by Rap – my music is definitely diverse and blends in a few different genres.

I would definitely say that when I first started I was heavily influenced by Jim Morrison, The Misfits, Michael Jackson, and 50 Cent as well the southern trap scene and Houston artists such as: Paul Wall, UGK, and a few others. However, my influences and sound have definitely evolved and in terms of modern-day artists – I really vibe with 24HRS, PnB Rock, Swae Lee, and A Boogie.

Tell us about “Again” and the story behind its creation.

It’s pretty straightforward LOL. My manager Giuseppe, A&R’d the beat and sent it to me while I was in a session. Once I listened to it, the words were already written for me in my head. Also, shoutout to Lais, who was in the studio with me when I made this song and helped me come up with those ad-libs. And shoutout to CashMoneyAp, he is one of my favorite producers out right now. Everything he makes is straight fire!

Is there a project coming and if so what can you tell us about it?

There definitely is a project coming, but to be honest, I haven’t had the time yet to think about the project itself and curate it as a whole. I’ve got over 40 songs in the vault and a lot more in the works right now, but I have a lot of beats and songs that I want to revisit because I definitely feel like I’m developing every day. In terms of a date on the project I can’t give you a timeline. For now, I’m just focusing on putting out hella dope ass singles and havin’ fun with the whole process.

What’s in store for WAV in 2018?

My first project is gonna drop talking about projects haha. I still haven’t finalized the track list or date but it’s gonna be a poppin 4-6 song EP.  Apart from that, everything else is gonna be the same old; still gonna be grinding and making new tracks everyday, postin’ with the homies. I really hope to work with as many different dope artists as I can this coming year.

Also, I’m tryna do live performances whether it be the club shit, college shows or going on a tour. Either way I’m tryna turn the fuck up with my fans and I want to meet and make as many new ones as I can in 2018. I really wanna do it all in 2018 and I’m definitely gonna come out swingin’. Been chasin’ this all my life

– Via Pigeons & Planes

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