Icewear Vezzo And Peezy Head To Therapy In “Aiight”

Icewear Vezzo

Icewear Vezzo captivates listeners with his raw and passionate street raps, diving deep into the gritty realities of his life. Trading bars over a classic Detroit-style beat, Vezzo and Peezy deliver an iced-out charismatic performance on their new track, “Aiight.” The accompanying music video, directed by Suave, adds a unique twist to their storytelling. Vezzo sits down with a therapist, candidly discussing his ‘problems’ like filling his hands with diamonds, spending cash on glocks, putting tags on opps, and dropping $40K on a watch. Peezy joins in, boasting about his relentless ambition and daily hustle.

The video creatively juxtaposes these therapy sessions with scenes of the rappers and their crew posted up by an idyllic suburban mansion, highlighting themes of wealth, power, and survival.

Check it out below!

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