Interview: 25 Years Later with Goodie Mob

When you talk Goodie Mob, you’re talking about a group that helped pioneer the sound of Southern Hip Hop. Taking it Back to the 90s; initially, the West Coast and East Coast were running the music scene but that would soon change with the contribution of Goodie Mob, The embark of the Dungeon Family, and OutKast.

During that time the South had a sound that was mix with a heavy base and what we know now as “Trap”. This was something very new being that the East and West were dominating for a long period of time. When the world was first introduced to Goodie Mob it was the captivating flow, the way they were able to tell stories that held so much of the “Dirty South” culture.

Recently the legendary group celebrated its 25 year anniversary of “Soul Food”. This was an album that set the blueprint for the way some of your favorite artists curate music now. Although the group has made their mark on the Hip Hop scene, they have gifted us with their new project “Survival Kit” which covers much of the controversy that’s going on today.

Check out our recent interview where we uncover the legacy of the Goodie Mob and much more.

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