Interview: Fosta870 talks Arkansas music culture, balancing On-Air personality & Independent artist, upcoming EP and more!

Arkansas Radio Personality Fosta870 is someone to add on your radar when it comes to speaking the real. With his music and creativity he is able to captivate he able to captivate audiences from all over the city!

As Fosta870 gears up for his new EP we got the chance to speak with him over the culture of Arkansas, being an independent artist, his start as a Radio Personality and more!

Check out our exclusive interview below:

Mikala: I’ve heard that Arkansas has a lot of talent out there and I know you’re live/from there! Tell me about the music culture there? 

Fosta870: Yeah it’s a lot of talent out there in Arkansas. First off when people say Arkansas they think of Little Rock, that’s one city, there’s a lot of talent coming out of Little Rock. A lot of untapped talent. When people come out there to do a show they getting paid! They come and get their money and leave. It ain’t no real relationships. Outside of Little Rock are a lot of country towns. I’m coming from North East Arkansas. We got a lot of talent coming out there.

Mikala: I also know that you’re a Radio personality for 92 Jams. How did that come about for you?

Fosta870: I was going to HSU and I had to do an internship, and my old professor hooked me up with an internship at 92 Jams which is the number one night show in Arkansas. I did that for six months after that I thought I was going to get hired right on but they didn’t hire me right on. I moved to Atlanta and was like “Alright Imma make it happen”. Went out there and had NO CONNECTIONS. I started a little radio station out there and a blog outside of Arkansas. Moved back, networked and saw one of the old program directors and he was like “What’s going on”? “What you doing”? I was like I’m still working and he told me to come up there and the rest is history. I just got on with having a good personality and just growing. 

Mikala: What are some misconceptions do you think people have about On-Air personalities? 

Fosta870: Being an on artist it’s like “awh damn he can’t be an artist, he’s an on air personality” but then when you hear my music it’s like “damn I didn’t know that you could rap” “You’re dope. You should be doing this instead of that”. The thing about being an on air personality everybody who does music thinks that you can play their music on the radio. I can’t put your song in rotation. That’s one of the things, people think you can automatically put their song on the radio. 

Mikala: I feel that! Now how did pursuing rap come about for you? 

Fosta870: I love music. I love making music and creating, and people love what I’m saying and what I’m saying is real! I went to school and got two degrees and I’m an on air personality. This is my life.

Mikala: How are you able to balance your On Air career and be an Independent artist at the same time? 

Fosta870: That is tough..I just seperate the two. With the On-Air it’s Monday-Saturday. On the Weekends I get the grind in. I put in a lot of work for myself. We’re working from home now so I dedicate 5-6 hours to the station and after that it’s back to the grind. 

Mikala: What do you think labels need to understand when it comes to signing an artist who’s been independent for so long? 

Fosta870: What they need to understand is you ain’t got to worry about nothing, you ain’t got to come out your bag as much. You ain’t got to give me no advance to hold my hand…I’m ready to go. I know what to do. I know the steps and I’m producing the music that needs to be made. All they need to do is press the buttons ! 

Mikala: Getting into your music I want to know about your recent single “I Got It”! How did this one come about for you? 

Fosta870: Aww… man, in the studio talking shit! Excuse me cussing (Laughs), in the studio just popping my shit! You know how it be!? You go through the hood it be like 6/7 kids, hell. You don’t know none of they names but they ask you for a dollar. That why I said in the song “I don’t know who kid’s they is but I gave them a dollar”!                                                                            

Mikala: (Laughs) I sure do! You know you gave us skits in the visual for “I Got It”. How did you come up with the concept for that? 

Frosta870: I came up with the concept myself! I directed the video as well. I didn’t want to just give them throwing money and shaking ass. I could’ve did that but it’s like that’s so cliche. At the beginning I just wanted to show you that. 

Mikala: I love that! You also have an album in the works called “Over The Counter and Under The Table”? Tell me about this!

Fosta870: I’ve been needing to get this out for a long time. I’m actually really excited for the album! With the album you’re getting the same energy, the same vibe. I’m taking different ways with the energy but I’m letting you know what’s going on! I got “I Got It”, I got the song called “I’m Doing Good”, It’s actually a sarcastic title because ain’t nothing about that song doing good…I’m basically letting know what niggas go through. I got songs like “Solid” dealing with family members and friends. I done been through a lot of shit and now I’m on! 

Mikala: With “Over The Counter and Under The Table” what is it that you want fans grasps? 

Fosta870: The message I want them to grasp is “This

dude is the truth”! “This nigga…  Matter fact where he at !?, I want to book him, I want to sign him”! That’s what I want them to say!  

Mikala: I love that! What goals do you want to knock out this year as an artist? 

Fosta870: Basically, show the industry that I’m here! I want them to at least see me, once they see me and hear me they gone want to check me out. I also want to tap in with a bunch of artists, producers, promoters and Djs who I haven’t tapped in with! Mostly the Miami and Atlanta market! 

Mikala: What advice would you give to any up and coming creatives?

Fosta870: I would say man… don’t let nobody tell you shit! Especially if they are not helping you out! Don’t let them tell you shit! Start wherever you start at and don’t give up!

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