Interview: Moochieee talks Importance of Fatherhood, life in Richmond & More

Raining from Richmond, Virginia, Moochieee is constantly breaking barriers within the underground rap scene. He was recently recognized by Hot97’s “Who’s Next” for his unique yet, gritty sound and has been sparking a lot of buzz throughout the industry for quite some time now.

Not only is Moochieee breaking barriers throughout the music scene, most importantly he is a Father first and makes sure that he incorporates that into all aspects of his life.

Check out our exclusive interview with Moochieee below:

Mikala: Hi, how are you!?

Moochieee: What’s going on!?

Mikala: Just quarantining  (sigh). How are you handling the Quarantine right now?

Moochieee: Shit, trying to handle it! It’s boring as hell…don’t be doing anything but, we’ll get through it!

Mikala: Right now you’re in the DMV Area?

Moochieee: Correct!

Mikala: Could you give me a little insight on what it was like for you growing up in the DMV Area?

Moochieee: Yeah! I’m from Richmond, Virginia. It wasn’t always hard, you know what I mean? I’m not gone kick it like every day was bad but I’m not going to say it was easy as well. You see what I’m saying? I didn’t come from a family that had a lot. With the little shit that I did have I made it feel like it was everything so it was certain times that I had to sacrifice to do what I want to for what I needed but, you know you have to adapt to things in the city of Richmond. A lot of people that will be with you yesterday may not be with you Tomorrow. That’s just how it goes!

Mikala: Who were your musical influences growing up?

Moochieee: Andre 3000 and Tupac!

Mikala: (Gasp) Really!?

Moochieee: Yup (laughs)

Moochieee: Yes, I gotta meet em..gotta meet em. 

Mikala: Wow! What’s your favorite Andre 3000 song!?

Moochieee: I like the “Whole World” but everybody has to say “Ms. Jackson”

Mikala: That’s so crazy! You’re the first person I’ve interviewed to say Andre 3000. I’m really curious as to why you chose him!

Moochieee: When I was younger my dad listened to all types of different music. When I was a kid he dropped “Sorry Ms. Jackson”. That song  was stuck in my head! He eventually came out with the album “Speakerbox” and I knew the whole Speakerbox album from top to bottom and then he had a cartoon come out right after, I was just really obsessed (laughs). 

Mikala: That’s so cool! 

Moochieee: I’ll probably pass out if I meet him (Laughs)

Mikala: (Laughs) see I’m like that with Drake! 

Moochieee: That’s a good one!

Mikala: What sparked your interest with rapping? 

Moochieee: Honestly, 2014-2015 I had did some time and like before I had did time, I wasn’t really trying to make music or anything like that. I just always had the plan to invest in someone who would postivitely be something someday. Once I had got locked up It was like a lot of people had forgotten about me. You know death and jail is similar, you know, people tend to forget about you so EVERYDAY I would make a new song. I was in there for about 2 years. I would make a different song everyday, pretty much to keep my mind off of what’s going on, you know what I mean…everything would be okay, this won’t last forever. When I was in there people were reciting the songs that I was making. It just all worked out for the better. There was times we would have a lockdown and everybody would be at their window like “AYE MOOCH, sing War”, “sing DOA”. They would just tell me to sing whatever and it went from there. 

Mikala: How was the transition when you got out of jail, as far as recording and stuff like that?

Moochieee: When I had came out it was a little hard at first. I had to find my sound relatively when you step in front of the mic, It’s different when you’re acapella and just making a song, but eventually I caught on. When I came home I had a whole plan pretty much that I was going to find a manager and collaborate with a whole bunch of different artists from my city.

Mikala: I listened to your music by the way! It’s definitely a banger in the car.

Moochieee: (Laughs) Thank you, preciate you!

Mikala: So being that you’re from the DMV area what is the music scene like out there right now?

Moochieee: Northern Virginia got the spotlight right now. They have a lot of different sounds and stuff like that. I have a couple friends out there too. Pretty much as of right now, in Richmond, we’re trying to bring spotlight to ourselves. Shout to everybody in the North… Northern Virginia but, the music scene here it’s like some people sound the same, I’m not going to necessarily say everybody. I think that’s probably the reason why we haven’t really gained the spotlight. A lot of them try to be something that they’re not. You see what I’m saying!?

Mikala: Yeah! So what would you say separates you from these different artists?

Moochieee: I say the work ethic. I’m not here to put out no bullshit. If it’s not good in my ear then I’m not going to let the public hear it. I don’t care if you’re trying to pay for a feature, if It’s not good, I’m not fucking with it! 

Mikala: Ahhh that is so important! It’s like a quality over quantity thing!

Moochieee: Exactly! I’m not about to put out something and everybody looks at us like “What the hell is this”!?

Mikala: Yeah! I say that all the time because you can put out a million songs but if they’re not of quality it’s pointless!

Moochieee: Exactly!

Mikala: Now, I am super excited to talk about this because I’m a parent and It’s always good to hear a father’s perspective, what are some things that fatherhood is teaching you right now?

Moochieee: Man everyday! You just learn so much right? You’re a parent yourself so you can understand! Do you have a son or a daughter?

Mikala: I have a daughter!

Moochieee: How old is she?

Mikala: She’s 4!

Moochie: Okay see, everyday she shows you something new right!?

Mikala: Yes! Everyday!

Moochieee: She shows you everyday that she’s learning a lot right?! It’s the same situation with my son. He’s about to be two and it’s like damn…you’re growing so damn fast (laughs), but I want to make sure if I leave this earth today or tomorrow I want to make sure I could leave some type  of milestone for him and everyone around us would be like “Oh, Yeah that’s my Dad”. That’s the main inspiration behind the song “Tien”, that I had  just dropped! I had put him on the song so he could collect royalties from it. He’s my biggest fan!

Mikala: I’m curious to know what kind of parenting style you have! Are you strict, laidback?

Moochieee: I be chilling, I’m laid back, I go with the flow. He learns everyday just off of experience!

Mikala: Yup! I feel that!

Mikala: Let’s talk about your recent single “Tien”. I was looking it up and saw that it means “Have” in Spanish! Was there some type of correlation with that?

Moochieee: (Laughs) Somebody else had told me that! Nah, honestly when I was a kid  I use to watch Dragon Ball Z and that’s a character in Dragon Ball Z. I went off with that! 

Mikala: And you said your son was the inspiration?

Moochieee: Yeah I had to make it like a child thing.

Mikala: As you were writing in the booth what were you emotions with this song since it was dedicated to your son?

Moochieee: Once I heard the beat while I was in the booth I just had a whole vibe, a Summertime vibe. Everything just came to me and my son was there. I was like yeah Cam go ahead and say “Bow” say “Bow” for Dad say “Bow Bow” (laughs)! Pretty much we put it all together, he helped me put it all together. 

Mikala: The song also features… I don’t want to mispronounce his name but “KashMulaa”!?

Moochieee: Yeah his name is Kash (laughs)

Mikala: (Laughs) Sorry! My Texas accent really came through!

Moochieee: (Laughs) Nah you said It right! It was just too funny hearing it! But yeah that’s his name and that’s his instagram name too.

Mikala: Also you just dropped a visual “Whole Shabang”. Tell me a little bit about that video. How did it come about?

Moochieee: I was having a discussion amongst another person and we were talking percentages. I was like I don’t want a percentage I want the whole thing you know what I’m saying? That just came in the back of my head as I said that to him. I was like ahh yeah I just gotta find a beat for this. Once I found the beat..”I don’t want a percentage the Whole Shabang”. That’s pretty much how that came about. We decided to put a nice lil prompt and put the video together. 

Mikala: Before we wrap up I do want to ask you what is something that you would like to do more in 2020 whether it’s music or personal goals etc?

Moochieee: First thing, obviously is get more money (laughs). That’s what everybody wants to do in 2020 but keep giving more content that they love to see. Everything that I’ve been putting out right now they seem to love it, eating it up. While everything is doing what it’s doing while everybody is watching…KEEP IT GOING! 

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