Interview: NGeeYL talks start of his rap career, being attacked by a K-9 & new visual “Real Smoke”

Meet 300 Entertainment’s buzzing prodigy NGeeYL. The South Carolina native is most knowingly one of the biggest rappers within his city. Starting off with his mixtape’s Tales of YL and Hiatus which sparked a great amount of praise and cosigns from not only your favorite rappers but also your favorite athletes. He recently dropped another banger on us “Real Smoke” which has already racked up over 10,000 views on YouTube .

Check out our exclusive interview below:

NGeeYL: I’m doing good! How are you?

Mikala: Good! How are you holding up during the Quarantine?

NGeeYL: Really I am in South Carolina. It’s not really anything going on like that down here. We still doing the same shit.

Mikala: (Laughs) So yall still making moves then?

NGeeYL: Hell yeah! Niggas still on the block.

Mikala: Has it allowed you to spend more time at the studio!?

NGeeYL: Yeah, I been going to the studio like a muhfucka. I’ve been recording everyday for 10 hours, but I don’t really be doing nothing anyways.

Mikala: Really!? So you just be chilling? You don’t go out much!?

NGeeYL: Hell nah! I am the biggest musician in my city…EVER. I can’t even do all that shit, it will decrease my value, see what I’m saying! I can’t be on the scene for free! YOU GOTTA PAY TO SEE YL.

Mikala: I feel that! Now you said you’re from South Carolina can you give me some insight on what it was like for you growing up there?

NGeeYL: Yeah I’m from Spartanburg, South Carolina! It’s just like any other city man. It’s really like a baby Atlanta though that’s as clear as I can explain it! Whole lotta fuck shit, shoot outs, clubs ya feel me! I been jumped off the porch since I was like 15 so it was up from there! You gotta really know where you want to be at! Muhfuckas dying and shit out here, you either gone die in the streets, go to jail, work a plant job your whole gahdamn life or you can do what I did and be a rapper.

Mikala: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you while living out there!?

NGeeYL: Shit, I got attacked by a K-9 dog when I ran from the Police.

Mikala: Wait…okay…(laughs) you said that so casually! What happened?

NGeeYL: Hell yeah and I was young nigga! I was like 17, I hopped out on them folks. I had a little shit on me and jumped out the car on they ass. I thought I outran them but then I forgot they had dogs! The dog tore my ass up…crazy as hell!


Mikala: I’m glad you made it and you still got your arm because that would’ve been a mess!

NGeeYL: I’m telling you! How you know it bit  my arm!?

Mikala: (laughs) I can’t disclose that information


Mikala: Who were you listening to growing up!?

NGeeYL: When I was growing up my dad was a big Young Jeezy fan. So when I was little the first mixtape I was listening to was Thug Motivation, 50 Cent, old Gucci Mane, shit like that. When I got older I picked  my own shit. Instead of listening to the radio I was listening to a lot of Young Thug, I’ve been listening to Thug since 2008-2009. That’s my idol.

Mikala: I LOVE Young Thug! I recently watched an interview that he did is so wise!

NGeeYL: Yeah! He is smart as hell! All facts though he’s my idol. They put me on FaceTime with him and I didn’t even want to talk! He’s like a superhero to me, like Michael Jackson.

Mikala: What’s your favorite Young Thug song!?

NGeeYL: I’ll give you my top 3. “Oh Yeah”, “Just Might Be”, “Lit Up”.

Mikala: I would say my favorite is “Keep it Going” and “Pull up on the Kid”!

NGeeYL: Yeah those hard.

Mikala: What got you to pursue your rap career?

NGeeyYL: It was funny because I would always be like…boy I’ll never be no rap nigga, none of that shit. My patna Gwuap The Menace, he’s been rapping since he was 15. He would ask me to get in the Yo with him when I finally got in the Yo with him everybody went crazy. I was like I might as well do that shit then! They was like “you gotta rap, you sound like some other shit.”

Mkala: Before this interview I already knew who you were! I downloaded Hiatus back in February! I got it from somebody’s playlist!

NGeeYL: Yeah, you feel me. I be on fuck shit.

Mikala: What does it mean to you to be the only rapper to make it out of your city!?

NGeeYL: I ain’t even made it out, I’m still here! That shit just a blessing. God always had his hand on me, everything that I do I’ve always been good as hell at it. I ain’t never been mediocre. The shit I’m doing is always good. Sports, all that. Everything I do, I’m trying to be the best at it. It’s a blessing to be in this situation.

Mikala:Do you feel the pressure to carry your city on it’s back?

NGeeYL: Mannn, I only got pressure to carry my family on my back. I’m the head of the household now my daddy just died so I gotta make sure everybody is straight.

Mikala: What are some things you’re learning about the industry?

NGeeYL: You gotta be professional, this ain’t the streets, they’ll mess around and quit fucking with yo ass. It ain’t even about if you like the person or not. You gotta know how to work your moves, use them for what they try to use you for.

Mikala: That’s real! Did you ever think you’ll make it to this point of pursuing a whole rap career!?

NGeeYL: Hell nah! This shit was on some blink of an eye shit because it happened so fast. It happened too fast. I came straight off the block to the label shit!

Mikala: That’s a blessing! Now when you first started recording did you ever think like…”damn I’m really cold at this”!

NGeeYL: Not really, I never looked at it like that. I just go in there and make some hot shit. I don’t really be thinking like that. I be hearing other rap niggas like “ yeah man I was inspired or thought of this”. Nah man I just go in that bitch and open my mouth and it just come out! I go in there and close my eyes and the words just come out! I’ll hear my song and people like “damn this nigga love listening to his shit” but really I listen to you it because I don’t know what the fuck I just said. 

Mikala: You don’t write anything down, you just go straight to it!

NGeeYL: Yup! Niggas be saying that but they go BAR FOR BAR! All I need is one take type shit, press start and then press end, do my ad-libs and go. Real live…like some poetry shit. As soon as the beat come on I just rap the whole gotdamn beat. 

Mikala: See, it was meant to be!

NGeeYL: Ya feel me.

Mikala: You know what I like about your music is the fact that each track sounds different! I cannot compare any of tracks and say that it sounds like the other!

NGeeYL: But see my fans, some of my fans don’t like that shit! They be like “Bro you need to rap like this”. I guess that’s my little trait. I got a 1,000 flows at the top of my head.

Mikala: (laughs) Uh Uh the fans complain!?

NGeeYL: Yeah! They might be like bro, “you need to rap like this, you need to rap like that, you need to go back to the old YL bruh”!  It’s just so crazy because I’m really crazy in the head so when I be in there rapping it be different people rapping. It might be NGeeYL rapping, ion know who, you gotta figure out which one in my head is rapping.

Mikala: I say you keep switching up the flow and doing what you do because it’s making you stand out at as an artists!

NGeeYL: Facts.

Mikala: You recently released a new visual and song “Real Smoke”. As I was listening to it and watching the video it gave me real Hotboy, Juvenile vibes especially the beat!

NGeeYL: Yeah! That’s crazy because everybody use to say I look like B.G. but I like that shit, that shit fye. The whole aesthetics and shit.

Mikala: Me too! So when I heard the beat I was like yup this is some fire right here!

NGeeYL: This shit funny though because when I was a kid my first birthday party my Mama and Daddy played “Back that Ass Up”.

Mikala: (laughs) I love it and I already downloaded it as well! It will be getting blasted in the car Tommorrow!

NGeeYL:  Yeah you gone be working out to that next, watch.

Mikala: How did you come up with the concept for the video?

NGeeYL: Shout out to my production team, my boy really be coming up with that shit. I just be letting him have fun. I’m going to be producing my own videos and ya’ll gone know it. They gone go crazy as hell!

Mikala: That’s awesome!

NGeeYL: Facts.

Mikala: I was doing some creeping and I saw you had a Vlog!? Are we getting more vlogs because that was interesting!?

NGeeYL: I don’t know, I can’t really be doing all that. I got in trouble and shit, that’s why you don’t see me with Guns in the videos. I went to jail for that shit so I ain’t doing that no more! I’m going to save the Vlogs for when I get big with nothing but rap shit.

Mikala: I will say a Vlog in the studio!

NGeeyYL: Yeah that’ll be hard, shit like that I’m going to do.

Mikala: Now what advice do you have for any young people that’s trying to get to where you are now?

NGeeYL: Shit bigger in life, being a rapper ain’t for everybody but whatever your dream is, you really got to do that shit. You can’t say you doing it, you really gotta do it! If you want to be a Top Chef in the World then your ass needs to be in the Kitchen cooking everyday, if you want to be a Basketball player then you need to be in the gym. You need to apply yourself like you can’t breathe without that shit, that’s the only way it’s going to work. It’s a billion Muhfuckas that talk the same shit but ain’t go nowhere. You gotta be different, you gotta be special.

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