Interview: TaiZautie talks collaborating with Lil Keed, working together as a duo & more!

Originally from Richmond, Virginia TaiZautie took their crafts to Atlanta which is where things have taken off from then. The duo recently dropped their highly anticipated single “Nascar” ft. Atlanta’s very own Lil Keed which has gained a great amount of praise.

Not only has TaiZautie dropped consistent hits, they make sure they incorporate good vibes throughout their trendy, unique sound.

Check out our interview below:

Mikala: Now are you guys siblings!?

TaiZautie: Yeah, we’re Blood brothers

Mikala: I saw that you guys are originally from Virginia? At what age did you guys move to Atlanta?

Tai: 10…11, had just started Elementary school!

Mikala: How was that transition for you guys?

Zautie: It was really different from what we were used to! In Virginia it was a lot of land and farms, plantations (Laughs)!

Mikala: What got you guys into music?

Tai: We’ve always had a music household. Our Grandma had a Church. She use to sing in the choir so it was only right that we did music, see what I’m saying!?

Mikala: That’s awesome! Did you guys originally start making music solo and then decided that you guys wanted to come together?

Tai: I was actually the one who started rapping first.  My first song was “Stacking and Finessing”! I made another song and Zautie hopped on it. After that we just started making songs together.

Mikala: What would you say are some challenges for you guys working as a Duo?

Zautie: I feel like we work really well together. We get work done quickly, got good work ethic. I feel like there’s no real challenges.

Mikala: How do you guys come together as a team lyrically? How do yall balance each other within your music?

Tai: It all depends on who is recording! I’ll go down there and record a hook and I’ll have Zautie come back and do his hook. If we like how it sounds so far we’ll finish the song if not we’ll make another song vice versa! We don’t really write music anymore we just rap how we feel at the time!

Mikala: Ahh so you guys just freestyle it! That’s dope! 

Taizautie: Yup! Bar for bar!

Mikala:  What makes you guys stop writing your music !?

Zautie: Well Tai stopped writing first. For a few months he used to always tell me,”STOP WRITING, it’s the move, stop writing”! When I stopped writing I realized that it comes out better because you’re not reading it’s how you feel.

Mikala: Listening to your music I can really hear you guys personality throughout your songs! I can tell you guys like to have a good time!

Taizautie: We like to send good vibes and good energy! I want somebody to listen to our songs and just be happy!

Mikala: I love it! Have you guys ever had a thought to change up your sound!?

Zautie: The new music we have coming, we have an album on the way! This is going to be like our new sound, our new style. All of our previous music is how we were rapping at the moment but now I feel like we’re in our prime so this music right here is the heart of it!

Mikala: Now what makes you guys want to transition to how you’re about to sound this Year?

Zautie:The more you record, the better you get so we’ve been putting in more work…just growing!

Mikala: Dope! You guys have a recent single with Lil Keed called “Nascar”! How did that come about!?

Tai: We hit Keed up and told him to come to the studio. I went in there and did the hook and Keed came and did his verse. 

Mikala: How was it working with him, did you guys mesh well!?

Tai: Yeah! The vibes were incredible in the studio after we got done with the song we were hype, blasting it through the speakers (laughs).

Mikala: Who are some other artists that you guys want to work with in the future?

Zautie: Gotta get one in with Thug! I want to get in with an OG!

Mikala: Which OG are yall thinking about!?

Zautie: I want to get in with 50 Cent one time…SHIT FLUKE (laughs)!

Tai: (laughs) FLUKE!

Mikala: (laughs) I can definitely see that!

Mikala: Earlier you guys talked about a project coming out! Are there any other projects coming out as well as far as visuals!?

Tai: Yeah! We have our newest project coming soon “TZ Wait” ! It’s going to be a lot of visuals coming with that, a lot of fun and good vibes, good energy! 

Zautie: A LOT of hard shit on there!

Mikala: I do want to ask if you guys have any advice for up and coming rappers?

Tai: All of the upcoming artists once you start don’t stop! Keep going!

Zautie: It doesn’t come easy, you just gotta keep going!

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