Jonn Piazza Drops “Do You Think of Me” Lovers VIBE [LISTEN]

“Even though it’s been so long, When you start to feel alone, Do you think of me?”  

Add this song to your dance, reggae, dancehall, or pop playlist! Thank us later.

Bay Area artist Jonn Piazza releases his second song of 2020 titled, “Do You Think Of Me”.

This is his follow up to his summer slow jam, “Whatchu Gone Do”. 

Both records are written and produced by Piazza and “Do You Think Of Me” allows the creative to showcase his diverse ear. When asked about the inspiration behind the new song, Piazza states, “Musically the inspiration comes from my love for Dancehall reggae and Reggaeton, and wanting to blend that together with a pop sound. Lyrically the inspiration comes from that feeling of wanting and missing somebody who’s far away. Like when someone leaves an effect on you that doesn’t fade with distance or time”.

At some point, every human has thought about someone in their life. Although “Do You Think Of Me” may have you in your feelings, it also serves feel good vibes. 

Living in Oakland has been challenging career wise for Jonn Piazza from the coronavirus pandemic to poor air quality from wildfires, but he is remaining active online with virtual interviews, fresh content, and is preparing to announce his contest merchandise giveaway. Stay tuned! 

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