J.R. Donato “Trap Never Closed”

J.R. Donato

After being featured on Wiz Khalifa’s latest song “Stranger Things,” J.R. Donato is poised for mainstream success. Since he’s already garnering a reputation for his energy and hard work, it makes perfect sense that he releases an ode to dedicated hustling the very next day. “Trap Never Closed” is the first single from the Chicago artist’s upcoming project. Riding a percussive cadence over dramatic strings and drill synths, the Taylor Gang emcee celebrates his unbeatable work ethic and flexes his prized possessions, adding a memorable, stuttering hook for good measure.

We spoke to J.R. about his motivation for the song: “I was out in LA recording this, it was another real one of those late night sessions that ended around 5am and it reminded me about being back home in Chicago and trapping all night, selling bags, doing whatever you need to do to get to the next day. Every night rolls into the next night and there’s not set hours, the trap never closed.”

A veteran in the rap game at only 22, J.R. Donato is a flow architect with an engaging personality. Born and raised on Chicago’s North Side, J.R. Donato started rapping in his early teens, earning a local hit at age 13 under the name Young JR. During his junior year of high school, Donato supported Twista on a regional tour and eventually caught the ear of Wiz Khalifa, who featured J.R. on his Cabin Fever 2 mixtape and later signed him to Taylor Gang. Carefully planning his next move, J.R. Donato is honing his flow and perfecting his craft for his next breakthrough project.

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