Rolling Loud Miami 2022: Five Reasons Why KayCyy Is Here to Stay

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KayCyy deserves more credit. His 2022 XXL Freshman freestyle possessed an otherworldly quality that set him apart from the competition. The Kenyan-born emcee’s freestyle featured a six-person choir that brought balance to his riveting and peerless bars, thinking outside the box to deliver a performance in his own unique vision. At 24-years-old, KayCyy has cemented his status as a self-sustaining young artist, playing an instrumental role in Ye’s Grammy-nominated Donda project as he continued to drum up buzz. Most recently, the multi-hyphenate creative hasn’t shied away from showcasing his prowess as a producer, garnering acclaim for his contributions to Fivio Foreign’s chart-topping debut album, B.I.B.L.E. Still, despite the accolades, KayCyy doesn’t feel famous. 

After a brief chat with KayCyy prior to his set at Rolling Loud Miami 2022, the Grammy-winning creative expressed how everything’s changed. It wasn’t the main focus of our conversation — he only mentioned it once — however, you can tell that he’s evolving, learning along the way.

Here are five key takeaways from our conversation. Find them below and stream his latest project, Get Used To It.

  1. Everything’s changed. From Kenya to Saint Paul, Minnesota, everything (from a holistic approach) has changed.
  2. He doesn’t consider himself famous. KayCyy has been referred to as Ye’s (the artist formerly known as Kanye West) protege and he’s collaborated with the likes of Lil Wayne, Gessafelstein, Fivio Foreign, and others. Still, despite his Grammy-winning status, KayCyy doesn’t feel famous.
  3. He was in a three-man R&B group. After it was revealed that KayCyy used a choir for his 2022 XXL Freshman freestyle, I couldn’t help but wonder if the church-trained singing was merely a backdrop for aesthetics. But, lo and behold, KayCyy (no JoJo) is the former member of an R&B music trio: “We would teach each other how to harmonize.”
  4. He reads everything. Over the years, online comment sections have revolutionized the music business. From building connections with fans to getting valuable feedback, internet culture has provided another means of connectivity amongst social groups. And for KayCyy, (the comment section) presents different ways to reach new listeners: “It helps me navigate and know what to do.”
  5. Singing is easy. In addition to his R&B-tinged past, KayCyy is naturally driven by melody. His adolescence was filled with choir practice in an effort to weasel his way out of hard work, but at least he learned, “a little bit about soprano, alto” and knowing where to fall in (the music).

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