Long Live Pooh: The Music

Lil Pooh

It’s not how long you live, it’s how well you live. When it comes to the life of Lil Pooh, the old adage is particularly applicable. From his own career as a musician to his behind the scenes work with and support of many of today’s most promising young artists, Coach P lived particularly well. In a field littered with two-faced backstabbers, Pooh was one of the most genuine and authentic people you could ever hope to come across in Hip-Hop.  Relentlessly positive, he would work long hours helping pull up seemingly everyone he came into contact with. He clearly took joy in seeing young artists get a chance to do what they love professionally.

Personally, I first became aware of him as an artist, and we soon connected via social media. I was an immediate fan, I’ve listened to all of his releases numerous times. It was a pleasure to get to know him and observe his commitment towards advancing the Southern sound and its artists. He contributed a few songs to several compilations my blog released, and they were always among the best on the project. Below I’ve put together some of the best songs/mixtapes/videos he released. You can find more on his Soundcloud and blog. Rest in power, Long Live Lil Pooh.

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