Love Conquers All – The Marco XO Interview

Love is one of the most peculiar, yet misunderstood, languages that can both unify and destroy a culture.

When it comes to music, love is universal.

The different connotations that tend to stem from love, or lack-there-of, all manifest from experience or a learned behavior.

In the case of Marco XO, self-love is where the journey starts.

Getting his start in music at an early age while growing up in The Sunshine State (Florida) enabled Marco to familiarize himself with the benefits that stem from developing a core fan-base at the home-front.

Home is where the heart is. However, Marco chooses to take his heart on the road with him and spread the love throughout the context of his musical catalog.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Marco XO to talk about his journey in music so far and forthcoming work.

Check it out below.

Q: What inspired the transition from Otown Marco to Marco XO?

A: Basically just a different chapter in my life bro. Learning from my mistakes. The twist to it, “Marco XO” is about the importance of self-love. In order to give love, in order to receive love, you have to love yourself.

Q: What inspires your creativity as an artist?

A: I just smoke a lot of weed (haha), but nah everything around me bro. I just wake up and I can make a song about anything. I try to pull from events that I go through in life and feelings that I experience in the moment. Even with art work and a lot of shit.

Q: Where are you originally from?

A: I’m from Orlando, Florida but I’m in LA currently.

Q: Are there any noticeable differences between the music scene in Florida and in LA?

A: Hell yeah. It’s like LA is on crack basically. I’m just out here working for the time-being, not necessarily living here. It’s just a bigger pot bro, people are everywhere. More of a bigger pond to work in. Orlando is great and full of talent, but LA is already established, so it presents more opportunities to work with different artists. The weather’s fire out here too, I can honestly say that.

Q: Talk to me about the single “Mars”

A: I actually recorded Mars a little minute ago, but once I had premiered it the song went crazy. It’s one of those songs where life is as it is, just a fantasy. Life is a fantasy, realizing everything around you is fake and in the moment. I just recorded a video to it that’s about to drop. Shit is hard.

Q: Talk to me about your forthcoming album “Luna”

A: Luna is about to be something crazy. Album of the year. It’s the soundscape, it’s a trip to the moon and back basically. I have a couple of new songs ready to release that will be featured on the project also.

Q: What was your SXSW experience like?

A: SXSW is always interesting as hell. Both of the shows went up. I killed the Rolling Loud stage, that shit went up. Then I did the “Don’t Come to LA Show” and killed it, some very important people were at that show. Just being from Florida and coming to LA, then going back to Texas just really put into perspective how much people appreciate music. They show so much love in Texas. I wanted to crowd surf but I didn’t.

Q: Can we anticipate a Marco XO Rolling Loud 2019 set?

A: Hell yeah, Rolling Loud May 11th I’m performing. Miami, I’m back in my home-state. We going crazy, Marco XO, going up real soon.

Q: What do you feel like has been one of the most challenging obstacles you’ve encountered as an artist?

A: Understanding that this shit is not a race, it’s a marathon bro. Everybody thinks that they have to rush and maintain with everyone else, but really you’re on your own time. It goes back to my message bro, self-love and having an understanding of what you want. It’s been an upward trajectory ever since I started rapping. I try to preach that message to a lot of fans and my friends that I really f**k with.

Q: What does the remainder of 2019 have in-store for you?

A: Marco XO will be a household name by the end of this year. Hella content, hella music, hella music videos, flooding. So, yeah, household name Marco XO, that’s the goal…watch it happen.

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