MC Tree G Discusses The GOAT EP


After a brief hiatus, Chicago’s most authentic emcee Tree returns. While we await the release of his latest collaborative project with Vic Spencer,  Tree drops a brief 7 song EP of freestyles. Since this is outside of his typical Modus Operandi, we talked to him about it.

When asked about the departure from his normal routine he said “I picked a few beats off the internet and boom, real simple. I made the whole project because I had the flu and isolated from everyone. I did it all on Christmas and Christmas Eve. I mixed it via email with Doc Da Mind Benda and Ty Hill. Dropped it as soon as I had the artwork.”

When queried about his favorite track, Tree had this to say “I made a fantastic song over Biggies classic “I Got a Story To Tell” I didn’t just drop a knock off of his style, I used my own. I didn’t try to out rap him. That’d be ludicrous! Plus I’m never on that clout chasing shit. I just consider it a tribute!!

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I do feel like I’m the G.O.A.T., just like Nas or Jay-Z is to NYC. Or whoever is known to the masses. I’m in my own class, the G.O.A.T. in my lane. I’m unbothered, unchallenged, untarnished, & gracefully balanced. I respect knowledge, so I’m knowledgeable and respected.”

You won’t find any arguments here, after all, he did invent his own genre, Soul Trap. Trust there have been more than a few imitators practitioners in the interim. Be on the lookout for that collaborative album with Vic Spencer, check out the trailer below. The project is available for pre-order here.

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