Mixtape: NugLife – The People Who

Los Angeles, CA: Up and coming producer NugLife has released his newest project titled The People Who. This release features appearances from artists such as Rocky G, Eileen Sho Ji, Mike Pro, and more; and is executively produced by NugLife himself. He let us know that, “It’s crazy how much these songs are applicable and relatable to me and my life although they may have came from the words and minds of my friends on the tracks. At times I would listen back in the studio and ask myself: ‘Are they talking about me? Did they just base this track off me?’ Of course as a producer I would give input on ideas, bars, words, and lines, but still it was deeper than that. Especially songs like “Break Free” “Dirty Blunts” & “PTLD”. Thats music for ya though…its universal and gives everybody some meaning to take from it. Whether it’s good or bad, a love song, a smokers song, a players anthem, or a song that make you want to get crazy and mosh.”

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